Readers at the 2016 Port Medway Readers' Festival

Elizabeth Hay July 9

On the first page of Elizabeth Hay’s His Whole Life, a young boy asks his parents, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?” A generous writer who has always been eloquent on the messiness of family life, Hay’s latest book sets the boy’s coming of age between the lead-up to the second Quebec referendum and the death of Pierre Trudeau, exploring the competing claims on everyone’s love and loyalty. The Giller Prize winner returns to read from her Rogers Writers’ Trust-nominated bestseller.

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Elizabeth Hay

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Joan Clark

Joan Clark July 23

Joan Clark’s newest novel begins with an unexpected demise, sudden and violent, yet The Birthday Lunch is a sunny book – set during one July 1981 week in Sussex, N.B, a town that, for just about every New Brunswicker, evokes dairies and ice cream. As the family gathers for the funeral, Clark enjoys her characters’ foibles and, as we get to know them, so do we; her book illuminates both the ordinariness and the devastating uniqueness of death—it packs real punch. Born on the South Shore, now living in Newfoundland, Joan Clark has been nominated for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, Commonwealth Fiction Award and the Governor General’s Award for Fiction and has received many national awards for her work in Canada.

Calvin Trillin August 20

Calvin Trillin is no stranger to the Readers' Festival, to the Port Medway Old Meeting House, or to anyone who reads and cares about American journalism. He has been writing for The New Yorker since 1963, where he has reported on everything from desegregation to Conrad Black’s peerage and shopping at Frenchy's. His political light verse is one of the delights of The Nation, and his memoir, About Alice, a much beloved bestseller. This summer, Random House will bring out Jackson, 1964, his collection of fifty years of writings on race in America.

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Calvin Trillin

Our new chair

The Port Medway Readers' Festival is pleased to welcome the new chair of our organization, Don Hannah.