About the Port Medway Readers’ Festival

The Port Medway Readers’ Festival is a literary festival that takes place in Port Medway, Nova Scotia, during July and August.

Founded in 2002 by Cynthia Wine and Philip Slayton, the Port Medway Readers’ Festival is an opportunity for readers to listen to and meet writers in an informal and friendly village setting. The Festival continues the tradition of the Tennysonian Reading Circle, started by the ladies of Port Medway in 1903.

Proceeds from ticket sales are used for the upkeep and preservation of the Old Meeting House, the History Show and other heritage projects administered by the Medway Area Heritage Society.

The Rosefinch Mercantile and Tea Room on Port Medway Road is now open for lunch and coffee. The food is terrific. So is the atmosphere. Please plan a visit. (Here’s their Facebook page, too.)

Past readers include: